Hello there….

Experience tells me that people looking for life coaching or hypnotherapy are looking to make some changes in some area of their life.

You reasons for wanting change might be that you feel that there is more to you, to your relationships, to your career or even your life as a whole.

People often ask me ‘is it hypnotherapy or life coaching I need? My answer is always, we can decide what’s best for you when you book your free consultation call…

How do my clients start a conversation with me.. often it goes like this,

‘On paper, I have everything, nice partner, kids, a lovely house and I don’t really want for anything, so why aren’t I enjoying life?

or they may say

‘everyone else seems to be getting on with their lives, whilst I am stuck here, I hate my [choose what applies]’

or even

‘Nobody knows what it is like to be me, on the inside – all they see is the bright bubbly version of me’

Whatever your reasons are, you can be assured you are in safe hands, choosing me to work with, you will always be at the heart of the work we do together, at a pace that works for you, with results you decide are right for you.