The Men’s Head Space Manual

I love a good book and I love to pass on the books that might help someone. I read it and thought how it ‘does what it says’ it could help a person stop and think, check out their feelings and seek support if needed.

This is what some readers have said about this book… You can  Buy here

This book is a short and sweet read with lots of helpful tips and knowledge to take in. Finished it in a couple of hours, I love the way the book is presented and laid out. And the tone of the author is very considerate and warming. Very enjoyable read. Dan Richards [ Amazon Review]

Indeed this book could help. It is written in a way which is clear, concise and very much to the point. The design makes the book look good and helps the ideas become easy to access. It is written for men who are not used to thinking about how they feel and shows some really practical ways of coping with mental health difficulties. It manages to be informative, practical and simple without being in the slightest bit patronising. Akinsete,  shows a very genuine respect and care for his readership. He clearly knows them well. Judy Ryde [Amazon Review]

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