Be a great mate… men’s mental health matters

So, what makes a great mate? Well taking inspiration from some great advice online I have compiled the following ideas…

What a mate might say…

‘How are you?’2-men-talking-re-size

Mate’s reply goes something like  ‘good’ or ‘I’m ok’

What a great mate might say…

How are you? – Get’s the same response as above AND they see something or hear something that they get a feeling about… maybe there might be something that isn’t being said.

So a great mate might choose to follow up with something like this…

‘You sure?’

[this is an opening question – it says you are there and interested]

‘Great, I am here if you need me’

[this says, I hear your answer and respect your privacy, and I am willing to be a great mate’]

‘Much on at work?’ ‘you been on holiday yet?’ ‘how’s the family’

[this says, I’m up for a conversation, a great mate has good ears and uses them]

“what did you think of last weeks game’ or  ‘how’s the house coming on’

[this says, just a bit of a natter, no pressure, keep it away from serious stuff, and if it develops into a bit of something else, I am a great mate, I am all ears!]

“Glad you’re good, I have had a bit of a time of it lately’

[this says, I’m a great mate and I am open to you talking to me about my stuff – sort of sets an example]

 Just a few ways where you can be a great mate and really be the difference!


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