Hypnotherapy & Reiki in Thailand

I had a great time in Thailand sharing my hypnotherapy & reiki skills in such a beautiful location. Whilst on holiday, people often do some ‘thinking’ and ‘dreaming’ and ‘what if’ type conversations with themselves or with others!

I was truly honoured to do some hypnotherapy sessions with people enjoying their holiday. It was the perfect place to set out with some meditation, lovely breathing and being mindful… just listening to the sounds around you, so different to the sounds you hear in UK!

I focused on ‘abundance hypnotherapy’ which were bespoked for each client. I particularly like to introduce colours, sounds, smells, tastes and textures into my hypnotherapy sessions, plus some co-created affirmations and actions.

I suppose being in a relaxed state of mind already, allowed clients to be more open to hypnosis and this was demonstrated with how deeply clients went and how awakened they felt afterwards.

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