Directors on PAYE Offer

So, when the lockdown started, my husband and I discussed could either of us be furloughed? We also went through the pro’s and con’s of doing this and the fact that we, like many people pay ourselves via the PAYE system and take dividends. For us, it didn’t work, for several reasons…

As a business owner, you have existing clients you need to look after. So not returning calls or answering emails isn’t an option.

As you are always looking ahead, you might have potential clients that you are developing a relationship with, its not going to help the business if you just stop communications is it.

Then there is the whole thing about finances; can you afford to be furloughed on 80% of your PAYE salary? Do you have savings? Can you access any of the governments support to help your business? Do you have staff to worry about too?

So, my offer is that if you are a Director of a small limited company with less than 20 employees; and you are not furloughed. I will offer a 60 minute hypnotherapy session free of charge. Yes, that is correct, free of charge.

What I would then say is, let’s get out of the together – so all I’d ask for in return is a testimonial from you. I will use this on my social media and my website.

In return, I will make a positive post about your business on Linked In – we can agree the content after your session.

Does this work for you? If it does get in touch and lets get your session booked in. This offer is limited to 10 bookings, one per person, booked by 31 May 2020.

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