Want to know my secret?

Earlier this year, before lockdown I took part in a transformation fitness challenge at Orange Theory Fitness, here in Derby. I had found great coaches and lots of new friends to spur me on.

I did have a secret though…I recruited my subconscious mind as my biggest and best cheerleader.

I lost 2 stone, in 8 weeks and won!

I found a way of eating I liked and loved the gym mindset for the first time ever!

It wasn’t easy, I had just weighed in at my heaviest after Christmas, and I had a frozen shoulder, back and knee problems. I am also 55. You can see why I was super pleased to get the winner notification!

How did I do this you might be thinking?

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist, so I made a recording that was so specific to me, that it couldn’t fail to give me the best possible mindset to do well.

What challenges are you facing and how might you improve your successes?

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