No time, not in my diary….

She wanted to lose weight and exercise more, she couldn’t find the time, is where we started our conversation…

She is a successful business owner, she works long hours and loves what she does. Her customers know she is awesome too!

Why couldn’t she eat more healthily and take a little exercise? NO TIME!!!

She really could not find any time to exercise, to plan healthier meals – she was too tired all the time, she craved carbs in the form of bread usually.

I worked with her to explore what was behind her wish to lose weight and exercise and also what barriers she was facing. Getting this information out and on the table took a while, she was really defensive initially, after all, she really believed she had no time, that was the truth, or so she told herself.

Cutting a longer story short, because I know you want to know what happened…

She found time for herself, in her busy day, to take a walk and to rethink her eating habits. Whilst this was one session, we worked together to change a very set belief of having no time, to finding some time to take a walk, research eating plans and most of all bring some of her business boss attitude to her own life, as a boss she was a success and those skills can be transferred to her eating and exercise plans going forwards.

This client completed One Mind Body Life Program [1]; where you can challenge your beliefs and change your behaviours, once you understand how you think and what you think impacts what you do and how well you do it. Knowing this you can really start to think more clearly. This program includes a Mindsonar Profile.

One Mind Body Life Program [1] including Mindsonar Profile is a series of three sessions totalling 3 hours, a 40 minute online assessment, a summary report and a full 20 plus page comprehensive report for an investment of £349 plus vat

One Mind Body Life Program [2] is a further 4 sessions totalling 6 hours where your breakthroughs in [OMBL 1] are developed, new beliefs and behaviours introduced and hypnotherapy sessions are used to embed resources and learning to create new more helpful habits is £399 plus vat.

If you book OMBL [1] and OMBL [2] at the same time you will receive a discount of £98 – investment is £650 plus vat

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