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Do you want to really know why your healthy eating and exercise plans fail? Ok, I am assuming they have failed in the past… we nearly all have experiences of this. Anna did.

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Anna did something about her thinking style and her mindset change was pretty exciting…

“What an amazing read! There was so much to take in, there is so much information in the report.

I understand that I struggle to do it [eating and exercising for a healthier life] on my own. This is true as if my husband is on board it is much easier for me.

I think I need to focus on myself more and not rely on others so much.

I also picked up that I tend to focus on the good and positive but the bad effects of being overweight and inactive, realising that this can lead to illnesses.

I need to finish things and see it through – probably not focus on a weight loss goal but continue a healthy lifestyle forever!

I am offering a package consisting of 2 hours of one to one coaching via zoom, plus the completion of a Mindsonar profile for a special

Autumn Offer of £149 plus vat – limited diary availability

Please get in touch if you want to find out more…

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