Autumn Offer… a healthier & happier you…

Do you want to really know why your healthy eating and exercise plans fail? Ok, I am assuming they have failed in the past… we nearly all have experiences of this. Anna did. Anna did something about her thinking style and her mindset change was pretty exciting… “What an amazing read! There was so muchContinue reading “Autumn Offer… a healthier & happier you…”

No time, not in my diary….

She wanted to lose weight and exercise more, she couldn’t find the time, is where we started our conversation… She is a successful business owner, she works long hours and loves what she does. Her customers know she is awesome too! Why couldn’t she eat more healthily and take a little exercise? NO TIME!!! SheContinue reading “No time, not in my diary….”

Relaxation Hypnotherapy Session £49 Special Offer

Try 60 minutes of total relaxation hypnotherapy. This session can take down any anxiety you may be experiencing, increase your ability to relax. You will receive time to be yourself, free of fears, worries and responsibilities; where you can recharge and energise to face the challenges during these difficult times. Please get in touch toContinue reading “Relaxation Hypnotherapy Session £49 Special Offer”