‘I have never worked so hard’ said my husband!

All our worries about COVID 19 and social distancing has caused lots of people to look at new ways to work. So, I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have noticed since sharing my home office with my husband… 1. He works at a different pace to me… he isContinue reading “‘I have never worked so hard’ said my husband!”

Living your ‘best life ever’

I was pleased to work with a lovely man this week… he wanted to live his best life ever and felt that there was ‘part’ of him that wanted to stay as he was and maintain the status quo in his life; and another ‘part’ of him that wanted to ‘really live his life’ whichContinue reading “Living your ‘best life ever’”

Hypnotherapy & Reiki in Thailand

I had a great time in Thailand sharing my hypnotherapy & reiki skills in such a beautiful location. Whilst on holiday, people often do some ‘thinking’ and ‘dreaming’ and ‘what if’ type conversations with themselves or with others! I was truly honoured to do some hypnotherapy sessions with people enjoying their holiday. It was theContinue reading “Hypnotherapy & Reiki in Thailand”

Walking on broken glass – I did it!

You might think what? Why? I was curious about how we can change long held beliefs… I believed my feet would get cut if I walked on broken glass, after a day of confidence building and goal setting… I did it and not a single cut!! I changed the belief with the right support! So,Continue reading “Walking on broken glass – I did it!”

Be a great mate… men’s mental health matters

So, what makes a great mate? Well taking inspiration from some great advice online I have compiled the following ideas… What a mate might say… ‘How are you?’ Mate’s reply goes something like  ‘good’ or ‘I’m ok’ What a great mate might say… How are you? – Get’s the same response as above AND theyContinue reading “Be a great mate… men’s mental health matters”