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If you’d like to check out how I work and my qualifications this is the bit to read.

If you want to know more about me as a person, what life learning I have under my belt, scroll down a little further for the more personal bio.

Since 2006, I have achieved success in supporting people to improve their lives, relationships and wellbeing.

I specialise in taking referrals from individuals just like you and me. People who have done some thinking about what they want and maybe even have ideas what is stopping them.

If you work  with me, you will explore, challenge and understand what it is that is directing your choices, together, we will identify what area of your life, if we worked on it,  will benefit  you the most. I will then help you install new behaviours, beliefs and guiding strategies that will help you towards the life you want to live.

I am fully accredited in the following modalities; I bespoke my offer to my clients, according to their needs, and in ways that challenge them at the pace they are willing to work at…

  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]
  • Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Life Coach
  • Practitioner Mindsonar Psychological Profiling
  • Practitioner Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 [Tapping]
  • Practitioner Reiki Level 1 [working towards Level 2]
  • Practitioner Matrix Reimprinting [working towards certification]

I’m an accredited senior member of the ACCPH [Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists] and GHR [General Hypnotherapy Register]. This means that I have completed face to face training, full certification standards met and continued CPD.

I am also fully insured for the modalities I offer and can provide evidence of cover on request.

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If you want to read more about me – there is more….

Julia’s Easy Read Bio

Go on, be a little bit nosy, I’m ok about you wanting to know more about me, so you know I am the person you want to work with!

I often feel like I look into other people’s lives for a living. It is a privilege that I take very seriously. I am so inquisitive and I love a challenge. It is this that helps me when I am working with my clients. 

You see, I know how complex my mind can be, its partly why I became a life coach and hypnotherapist! Your mind, is most probably like mine, complex and sometimes it works with you and other times against you. My conscious and subconscious mind can play a mean game of hide and seek when I am looking to solve a problem in my own life. Hiding my resources, my answers and my clarity with lots of rabbit holes and dead ends.

So, if learning by living was a qualification, I think I have earned my certificate by now. In a nutshell, I have a whole range of life experiences that I bring to the consulting room, making sure I call on the right ones for each client. So for example,

Personal: left home at 15, did terribly in my exams, had some family issues, my early attempts at settling down to adult life was not free of issues, some of my own making, In my earlier years constantly worried about body image, weight, attractiveness and whether I am good enough. Now, I am in a great mindset for change around my own health and fitness, and just won an ‘8 week fitness challenge’ at 55 losing 2 stone in 8 weeks, and creating a gym habit of 5/6 sessions a week! I am going to put this journey on my soon to launch new website www.onemindbodylife.com

Family: three weddings, two divorces, raising a blended family, tots to teenagers, university years, empty nesting and grandchildren… all whilst working full time, with childcare issues and au pairs! Now happily married and enjoying my work life balance.

Career – local and central government including benefits and housing; construction industry and contracting; customer services; voluntary and charity sector including community transport and community engagement; and finally running my own business, which I absolutely love doing.

Learning; enrolled at night school did a BTEC in Business, part time uni to get a HNC in Housing; then came all the coaching and therapy qualifications [my proudest achievements by far] I am constantly adding to my knowledge and understanding and taking on extra courses and CPD sessions.

In 2020, what a year it has been so far! I don’t know about your experience during this year… I find it hard to describe – how lockdown stopped feeling like lockdown and became ‘normal’, then lockdown was relaxed and we were in the ‘new normal’ and now in September we are looking at another kind of ‘normal’ 

One thing is for sure, I am grateful for my health and that of my close family and friends. This year hasn’t been without its challenges and with some ups and downs, we are still getting on with our lives.


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