Directors on PAYE Offer

So, when the lockdown started, my husband and I discussed could either of us be furloughed? We also went through the pro’s and con’s of doing this and the fact that we, like many people pay ourselves via the PAYE system and take dividends. For us, it didn’t work, for several reasons…

As a business owner, you have existing clients you need to look after. So not returning calls or answering emails isn’t an option.

As you are always looking ahead, you might have potential clients that you are developing a relationship with, its not going to help the business if you just stop communications is it.

Then there is the whole thing about finances; can you afford to be furloughed on 80% of your PAYE salary? Do you have savings? Can you access any of the governments support to help your business? Do you have staff to worry about too?

So, my offer is that if you are a Director of a small limited company with less than 20 employees; and you are not furloughed. I will offer a 60 minute hypnotherapy session free of charge. Yes, that is correct, free of charge.

What I would then say is, let’s get out of the together – so all I’d ask for in return is a testimonial from you. I will use this on my social media and my website.

In return, I will make a positive post about your business on Linked In – we can agree the content after your session.

Does this work for you? If it does get in touch and lets get your session booked in. This offer is limited to 10 bookings, one per person, booked by 31 May 2020.

NHS & Key Worker Offer

I am offering up to 10 lovely NHS or Key Workers who live or work in Derby to receive one 60 minute relaxation hypnotherapy session – free of charge.

Perhaps you might like to be on a beach or a beautiful garden, we will find a great place for your relaxation session.

This same offer is available at £49 for anyone else during May 2020.

So, all you need to do is either self refer or be nominated by someone, send proof of status. Then I will get in touch with you to schedule your session.

This session will be delivered by Zoom, so we can observe all the required distancing. You will need either a smart phone, tablet or computer to recieve the invitation. You can find out more here

This offer is limited to 10 60 minute bookings in May 2020

‘I have never worked so hard’ said my husband!

All our worries about COVID 19 and social distancing has caused lots of people to look at new ways to work. So, I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have noticed since sharing my home office with my husband…

1. He works at a different pace to me… he is a designer, so I can see his drawing board and him perched on his tall chair. He draws a line, then strokes the new beardy look he has adopted… then sighs, leans back and then nothing… for ages!

2. He is restless – so wanders around trying to find things not to do! He says it’s creative thinking time. I get that, just not the way I do it!

3. He isn’t a people person – well he is actually, but what he is amazed at is how I can be totally professional and patient and not get ruffled when I am on a difficult call or zoom meeting! He tells me that a call like that, would derail him totally, put him off his creativity.

4. He like tea even more than me! Wow do we drink lots of tea and cappuccino’s. My daily routine has gone out the window… I usually work from home and am used to 10am and 3pm tea breaks, timed of course for filling / emptying dishwasher and washer, letting Geoffrey out and giving him a bonio…

5. He eats more than me. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Biscoff’s with our cappuccino’s and he has me baking scones! I am not sure this is sustainable!

6. He is adorable, yes I have to admit, seeing him at work, something I have never seen before is quite an experience. I watch his hands as he creates beautiful architectural drawings [old school hand drawing- no CAD for him] I have noticed how he smiles when he talks to his clients, and he laughs with them a lot. He is charming and I guess this is why he is great at his job. People buy from him because they like him and he is talented.

7. He likes What’s App and Messenger – a lot! Although, a few times a phone call or zoom might have been a better option. I suggested this to him one day after he shared a message trail with me. I could tell the client wasn’t visualising what he was saying… that he just call her. He did and he had a whole different conversation than the one he thought he was going to have.

8. He isn’t keen on paperwork! He is getting me to do his admin work, I am ok with this, we are both working differently. However, I am surprised how disorganised he can be with bits of paper everywhere. My usually tidy work space troubles me a bit, the annoying thing is the eraser bits that he flicks off his drawing board onto my desk [its the perfect angle and distance] How rude!

9. He is really into ‘relaxed dressing’ for his work. So I have seen him in all kids of clothing, including his PJ’s- lycra cycling gear [he was waiting for rain to stop] and a bath towel! He normally wears either tweeds or linen suits and shirts, smart leather shoes, has a clean shaven chin and smells gorgeous… I might like him to go back to work one day – sort of miss this version of him.

10. He is surprised by how hard I work! I was not expecting this from him, he says I work too many hours, I am always doing zoom calls, he suggested I need to break more often, I guess he is seeing me at my work for the first time too! What I have decided is his version of a ‘hard day at work’ is very different to mine – it is however equal to mine, in different ways. I could never do what he does, and he accepts he couldn’t do what I do. He did tell a client that ‘I have never worked so hard, since sharing an office with my wife’ which made me smile and write this post!

Loss, not easy is it?

A few days ago, our much-loved Airedale Terrier, Frankie died. She was 3 years old and full of life. We had even been thinking of letting her have a litter of puppies this year. So, things have been a little ‘out of sorts’ for me.

Yesterday, I was walking our other Airedale Terrier, Geoffrey, we were approaching a gate, I normally had two of them pushing through at the same time, this time, Geoffrey hung back and waited for me to go through then he followed.

Suddenly, out of nowhere I felt an intense feeling of loss. Of her, of her puppies she’d never have, of her barky conversations and her love of playing ball. Tears flowed down my cheeks and Geoffrey stayed closer than normal as we finished our walk.

It got me thinking, during the lockdown period, lots of people are talking about loss. People have lost loved ones, friends and it is hard not to be affected with the numbers of deaths each day, especially those people who have lost their lives doing their job in the NHS and other keyworker roles.

Loss can also be about other things too, loss of freedom, loss of playtime with friends, loss of routine, of sports and not forgetting loss of income, loss of savings nest eggs, loss of bonuses and tips.

Loss can be about loss of human connection, of touch, of that time to just be with someone you love. Loss can be of great moments that would normally have been shared, birth of a new baby, an engagement or even a birthday party.

If you have a feeling of loss, it can creep up and surprise you, things can seem to be ok, then not ok. You feel fine, then not fine. If this happens to you, what could you do?

I got home from that walk and I sat in the garden, glorious sunshine warming my skin. Closed my eyes and recalled the wonderful times I had with Frankie, the sofa she helped un-stuff, the way she tilted her head when she was listening to me, and slowly the feeling of loss started to move within me, I realised that it is perfectly ok to feel sad, to feel loss and you don’t need to be scared to show how you feel.

If you are currently experiencing loss of any kind, you may find talking to someone can help you put things into perspective.

You might like to speak to a family member, a friend or a professional, there are also lots of online and telephone support services. Just want to let you know, no matter how and when your loss sneaks up on you, there is always someone willing to help you.

If you read this and want to talk to me, then you can always get in touch.

Living your ‘best life ever’

imagesFR6WKVX0I was pleased to work with a lovely man this week… he wanted to live his best life ever and felt that there was ‘part’ of him that wanted to stay as he was and maintain the status quo in his life; and another ‘part’ of him that wanted to ‘really live his life’ which meant some significant changes were needed…

When you have two [or more parts] of yourself in conflict it is time to work with them, and let them have their say – why are they in conflict? What skills or knowledge might they share to improve the situation?

If you have two or more parts in your life in conflict then why not come and see me?



Hypnotherapy & Reiki in Thailand

I had a great time in Thailand sharing my hypnotherapy & reiki skills in such a beautiful location. Whilst on holiday, people often do some ‘thinking’ and ‘dreaming’ and ‘what if’ type conversations with themselves or with others!

I was truly honoured to do some hypnotherapy sessions with people enjoying their holiday. It was the perfect place to set out with some meditation, lovely breathing and being mindful… just listening to the sounds around you, so different to the sounds you hear in UK!

I focused on ‘abundance hypnotherapy’ which were bespoked for each client. I particularly like to introduce colours, sounds, smells, tastes and textures into my hypnotherapy sessions, plus some co-created affirmations and actions.

I suppose being in a relaxed state of mind already, allowed clients to be more open to hypnosis and this was demonstrated with how deeply clients went and how awakened they felt afterwards.

Be a great mate… men’s mental health matters

So, what makes a great mate? Well taking inspiration from some great advice online I have compiled the following ideas…

What a mate might say…

‘How are you?’2-men-talking-re-size

Mate’s reply goes something like  ‘good’ or ‘I’m ok’

What a great mate might say…

How are you? – Get’s the same response as above AND they see something or hear something that they get a feeling about… maybe there might be something that isn’t being said.

So a great mate might choose to follow up with something like this…

‘You sure?’

[this is an opening question – it says you are there and interested]

‘Great, I am here if you need me’

[this says, I hear your answer and respect your privacy, and I am willing to be a great mate’]

‘Much on at work?’ ‘you been on holiday yet?’ ‘how’s the family’

[this says, I’m up for a conversation, a great mate has good ears and uses them]

“what did you think of last weeks game’ or  ‘how’s the house coming on’

[this says, just a bit of a natter, no pressure, keep it away from serious stuff, and if it develops into a bit of something else, I am a great mate, I am all ears!]

“Glad you’re good, I have had a bit of a time of it lately’

[this says, I’m a great mate and I am open to you talking to me about my stuff – sort of sets an example]

 Just a few ways where you can be a great mate and really be the difference!


The Men’s Head Space Manual

I love a good book and I love to pass on the books that might help someone. I read it and thought how it ‘does what it says’ it could help a person stop and think, check out their feelings and seek support if needed.

This is what some readers have said about this book… You can  Buy here

This book is a short and sweet read with lots of helpful tips and knowledge to take in. Finished it in a couple of hours, I love the way the book is presented and laid out. And the tone of the author is very considerate and warming. Very enjoyable read. Dan Richards [ Amazon Review]

Indeed this book could help. It is written in a way which is clear, concise and very much to the point. The design makes the book look good and helps the ideas become easy to access. It is written for men who are not used to thinking about how they feel and shows some really practical ways of coping with mental health difficulties. It manages to be informative, practical and simple without being in the slightest bit patronising. Akinsete,  shows a very genuine respect and care for his readership. He clearly knows them well. Judy Ryde [Amazon Review]