One Mind Body Life Program

You think about being fitter, healthier and maybe even happier – quite a lot. Perhaps everyday, or maybe several times a day… You might be looking in the mirror and thinking or saying unkind things to yourself…

You might be thinking or saying, it never works, I can’t or I don’ t have the time – and at this moment in time – you are probably right.

I can help with all of the above using my One Mind Body Life Program. It is in two stages, its up to you what you choose to do.

How it works

OMBL Part 1

We start with an open and honest discussion about what it is that you are wanting to change about yourself, the way you think, talk to yourself, what you believe about yourself – often this includes those of you who want to eat or exercise more, or love the skin they are in, or just accept they are good enough just as they are. Imagine a sofa, mugs of tea and a really good off loading conversation without judgement or criticism. It might be virtual, but it sets the scene….

Once we have found out what it is we are working on, we apply some science, by using a Mindsonar Profile which is going to help you identify your motivation and thinking styles in relation to this specific issue.

You complete this in your own time, when it’s right for you. It takes around 30-40 minutes and it needs to be done when you won’t be disturbed. Whilst you are completing the profile, you will be thinking about your specific issue – we call this the ‘context’

Then once you have completed your profile, you will get a personalised interpretation from me, which we can discuss informally, this usually takes around 45 minutes or so, then I send you the full in depth 20 plus page report.

Usually about a week later, and following a little time for reflection, we will look at where your thinking and motivation is working and where it needs a bit of help. You will be invited to design a goal and identify resources that you need to achieve it. When you know your thinking styles and motivation, it is easier to see and feel what needs to be done.

You might find this is all you need to do – and you can adjust your mindset, power up your thinking and things start to change almost straight away.

OMBL Part 2

You might choose to have additional support to really strengthen your mindset or have some accountability in this specific issue.

This leads you to the OMBL Part 2 offer which is a combination of life coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT [ and maybe a few other tools that might be relevant to you] You choose between 1 and 6 sessions that total no more than 4 hours. I am flexible because I know you won’t know what you need until we have completed OMBL 1.

For example you might have a 90 minute life coaching session; a 45 min hypnotherapy, three 15 minute accountability calls, another 45 min hypnotherapy session and two more 15 minute accountability calls. or any combination of these that total 240 minutes. [Yes, you could have sixteen 15 minute accountability calls if you wanted]

The OMBL Package is both of the options and you complete the whole thing in 12 months maximum. This offers you a saving of £98.

One Mind Body Life 1 £349 + vat

One Mind Body Life 2 £399 + vat

One Mind Body Life Package £650 +vat

Let’s build something together.

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