When a chat over coffee has a big impact!

I was talking informally with an Italian friend of mine. He and I shared a mug of coffee and we discussed life and love, goals and duty. What I wasn’t really aware of was the effect I had had on him, until this lovely, unsolicited feedback appeared on my google page.

One night, One session, Amazing results. Julia has a gift. I do therapy but Julia’s coaching gave me the knowledge to understand what I really needed. Now I’m working on to achieve my aim. Thanks Julia

Parenting Challenge met!

A 5 star review on google saw these lovely comments.

”During a particularly difficult patch with my teenage son refusing school we used the services offered by Julia. We learned techniques to help us understand his difficulties from his point of view and confidence to engage with the professionals. Julia gave me strategies to use independently, life skills that I use regularly with my other children, medical professionals and any other stressful and emotional situations”

The challenges being faced were coming thick and fast, no sooner had one issue been resolved, another arrived. Beating that cycle was important for the parents. By giving them the opportunity to see how things might be from everyone’s perspectives, gave them clarity they had been missing earlier. I am pleased to add, son did re-enter mainstream school.

Holiday Hypnotherapy

JB sea imageThis client was a few days away from a lovely cruise holiday. She has recently left a marriage of over 20 years and was wondering how her holiday might be. Her plan was to ‘read books and retire early to her room’ she was travelling with her 18 yr old daughter who was planning to socialise into the early hours with her friends. As the daughter was present, it was possible to ask questions or her as well as her mum. The daughter wished her mum would socialise more and sleep better, she wanted her ‘old mum’ back, the one not affected by the recent split.

I did a little life coaching followed by a bespoke hypnotherapy session including some positive affirmations and suggestions that sleep would come after a day socialising with friends old and new onboard. We also identified some beliefs and behaviours from her earlier life that she felt would support her to be more like her old self.

Working with the client in this way allowed her to go away and have a lovely holiday. This is what she said on her return

‘I spent a couple of hours with Julia and had a hypnotherapy session which was very relaxing and allowed me to clear my mind. Replacing the clutter of a marriage breakup and all that this brings, with an openness to meet new people, socialise and have fun, capturing the fun loving ‘me’ of a few years back. When I returned from my holiday I know I slept better and felt more refreshed. I will and have recommended Julia Many thanks L August 2019

Fear of Elevators

I worked with a lovely client,  who had been fearful of travelling in certain types of elevators [lifts] his fears came from this belief he created as a 7 year old this belief was

‘lifts can stop between floors’ 

When he was 7, he went into a lift to a beach with two older boys – they jumped up and down and the left stalled. My client cried and was scared – this made the older boys laugh. He remembered this vividly and he was sure this was when his belief was created. During his adult life he would avoid lifts, preferring to take stairs even if it meant 6 or 7 flights. Whilst it was keeping him fit, his aversion to lifts often made going out with his small children a problem; it was only in his 60’s that he realised he was starting to struggle with stairs and enough was enough – he wanted to make a change – and that is how he found me!

After working together one afternoon, this is what he said a week or so later…

”Thank you so much for the session helping me understand and change my belief about lifts to make me less fearful. I have now travelled in a lift without dread or fear. Your professionalism and kind approach is so very much appreciated”
Mick, April 2019


International Show Jumper

Richard completed the Mindsonar online assessment at home following a discussion with me about his ‘context’ and what question he was looking to answer with help from his Mindsonar Profile.

Richard explained that he wanted to explore his thinking style in relation to his performance in the competition arena. He was looking for ways to improve his results on a number of younger horses in particular.

Whilst discussing the results of his report with me, Richard identified some limiting beliefs and behaviours that he had developed as a result of losing a very much loved and talented horse. He realised that his thinking style towards these younger horses was perhaps one of comparing to the horse he lost, rather than their own performance and improvements at competitions. This led to some practical actions for Richard to take going forwards and some options that he could reflect on.

This is the feedback received from Richard following his work with me.

About the Mindsonar Profile Report and the follow on coaching session

The Mindsonar report provides a fantastic insight into how my brain works and showed a clear path going forward to help me achieve my career goals…

I would recommend it to anyone!

Very accurate and quite surprised how well it read me!

I will consider the type of language I use with myself and towards my younger horses; especially in performance analysis.

After the session and profile I felt like I had a plan to achieve my goals


Stage Performance

I worked with this lovely lady when she was having some issues with her on stage performance, as she explained being an acapella singer she really did not have anywhere to hide. Her voice needed to be perfect. She had started to think about ‘retiring’ because she was having a bit of a croaky feeling in her throat and feeling a little unsettled on stage.

I used talking therapy along with some anchoring and visioning work. Suggesting that she could send roots from the soles of her feet and anchor herself to the ground beneath the stage. We identified a few resources that she felt would be useful for her on stage and these were anchored for future use.

After one telephone coaching session she sent this testimonial through

“It’s a kind of magic!
Julia is a lovely warm person who immediately puts you at ease. We just chatted over the phone (FaceTime) and she showed me that I’d been squashing down my achievements and devaluing them. Once I took this on board and took a new look at myself it was like a switch had been thrown. I have a new found courage that is incredibly empowering. It sounds a bit of a cliche, but this really has changed my life.” SHK, May 2019