Confidence improved…

This client came to me with a very specific goal in mind. She wanted to train to be a dog show judge. After many years successfully showing her dogs, she realised that to judge these competitions you needed to have some very specific qualities, and all were underpinned with a certain level of confidence, both in how you have a ‘presence in the show ring’ to ‘choosing the best dogs’ and ‘handling their owners joy or disappointment’ professionally.

As the client had a specific goal in mind, she and I worked together to find out what the very best dog show judge might be like to the dogs and their owners. We created a list of  beliefs and behaviours she would like to possess when she walked into a dog show ring as the judge.

I created a bespoke hypnotherapy session for the client, which allowed her to experience what it was like as the ‘best dog show judge’ with affirmations and lots of confidence boosting suggestions within it.

Hi Julia, thank you very much. I found the hypnosis really beneficial, giving me the confidence I so needed to realise my goal. Your kind, understanding approach helped me to look toward the end goal. It will help with other areas of my life too!

March 2019