Fear of Elevators

I worked with a lovely client,  who had been fearful of travelling in certain types of elevators [lifts] his fears came from this belief he created as a 7 year old this belief was

‘lifts can stop between floors’ 

When he was 7, he went into a lift to a beach with two older boys – they jumped up and down and the left stalled. My client cried and was scared – this made the older boys laugh. He remembered this vividly and he was sure this was when his belief was created. During his adult life he would avoid lifts, preferring to take stairs even if it meant 6 or 7 flights. Whilst it was keeping him fit, his aversion to lifts often made going out with his small children a problem; it was only in his 60’s that he realised he was starting to struggle with stairs and enough was enough – he wanted to make a change – and that is how he found me!

After working together one afternoon, this is what he said a week or so later…

”Thank you so much for the session helping me understand and change my belief about lifts to make me less fearful. I have now travelled in a lift without dread or fear. Your professionalism and kind approach is so very much appreciated”
Mick, April 2019