Holiday Hypnotherapy

JB sea imageThis client was a few days away from a lovely cruise holiday. She has recently left a marriage of over 20 years and was wondering how her holiday might be. Her plan was to ‘read books and retire early to her room’ she was travelling with her 18 yr old daughter who was planning to socialise into the early hours with her friends. As the daughter was present, it was possible to ask questions or her as well as her mum. The daughter wished her mum would socialise more and sleep better, she wanted her ‘old mum’ back, the one not affected by the recent split.

I did a little life coaching followed by a bespoke hypnotherapy session including some positive affirmations and suggestions that sleep would come after a day socialising with friends old and new onboard. We also identified some beliefs and behaviours from her earlier life that she felt would support her to be more like her old self.

Working with the client in this way allowed her to go away and have a lovely holiday. This is what she said on her return

‘I spent a couple of hours with Julia and had a hypnotherapy session which was very relaxing and allowed me to clear my mind. Replacing the clutter of a marriage breakup and all that this brings, with an openness to meet new people, socialise and have fun, capturing the fun loving ‘me’ of a few years back. When I returned from my holiday I know I slept better and felt more refreshed. I will and have recommended Julia Many thanks L August 2019