International Show Jumper

Richard completed the Mindsonar online assessment at home following a discussion with me about his ‘context’ and what question he was looking to answer with help from his Mindsonar Profile.

Richard explained that he wanted to explore his thinking style in relation to his performance in the competition arena. He was looking for ways to improve his results on a number of younger horses in particular.

Whilst discussing the results of his report with me, Richard identified some limiting beliefs and behaviours that he had developed as a result of losing a very much loved and talented horse. He realised that his thinking style towards these younger horses was perhaps one of comparing to the horse he lost, rather than their own performance and improvements at competitions. This led to some practical actions for Richard to take going forwards and some options that he could reflect on.

This is the feedback received from Richard following his work with me.

About the Mindsonar Profile Report and the follow on coaching session

The Mindsonar report provides a fantastic insight into how my brain works and showed a clear path going forward to help me achieve my career goals…

I would recommend it to anyone!

Very accurate and quite surprised how well it read me!

I will consider the type of language I use with myself and towards my younger horses; especially in performance analysis.

After the session and profile I felt like I had a plan to achieve my goals