Thinking Styles

You are here thinking, what is Mindsonar?

Probably followed by why might I need it!

The good news is I can answer both of these questions for you.

Do you need to know how you think and how the way you think determines your results?

Personal Users

Think Feel Do – how you think determines your feelings and drives your actions and reactions to a given situation or context.

Your thinking style or mindset  shapes how you evaluate things, what you notice and what you miss. What other people do that works for you or totally infuriates you. What you do might be getting you results you want with some people, but not all people – why?

So, if you want to be ‘mindset fit’ to achieve something important to you – Mindsonar will help you by giving you a detailed profile of your thinking style in relation to your specific context or situation.

Simply put – your thinking style as a parent or partner is likely to differ to that when you are at work or playing a competitive sport.

Maybe you could learn things from the differences and map them across to other contexts. Because you are so much more…

Corporate Users

MindSonar measures how people think (their Meta Programs) and what they find important (their Graves Drives) in a certain context. Mindsonar gives you a clear picture of someone’s mindset.

As a business you can adapt your communication to reach all your staff, help them change, match them to the right job, train them more easily, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

MindSonar is not a personality test, like MBTI or DISK. Personality tests tell you what you are like,  always and everywhere. But ‘personality’ is not a fact, it is a concept. It has its merits (clarity) but it also has its dangers (limitation). The concept of personality tends to encourage people to lock themselves up in boxes. MindSonar is different. It assumes that you think differently in different situations. It offers a choice between limitation and liberation.

Because you are so much more..

So I guess you are curious now, that’s good. Each of the sections below tells you How you might experience a Mindsonar Profiling

Example of a section of a Mindsonar Report

Mindsonar Profiles can only be provided by qualified professionals who have undertaken the required training and completed an assessment of competence. I achieved this qualification in 2018.

The investment for Mindsonar Package, which includes 30 minute set up call, the provision of online assessment, summary of key findings and full 20 page report emailed to you a few days later and a 45 minute Zoom feedback meeting is £199 inc VAT

If you decide to use Mindsonar with any paid for coaching or hypnotherapy session or package, I will reduce to £149 plus vat

Example of a section of a Mindsonar Report

Let’s talk about Mindsonar

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