Stage Performance

I worked with this lovely lady when she was having some issues with her on stage performance, as she explained being an acapella singer she really did not have anywhere to hide. Her voice needed to be perfect. She had started to think about ‘retiring’ because she was having a bit of a croaky feeling in her throat and feeling a little unsettled on stage.

I used talking therapy along with some anchoring and visioning work. Suggesting that she could send roots from the soles of her feet and anchor herself to the ground beneath the stage. We identified a few resources that she felt would be useful for her on stage and these were anchored for future use.

After one telephone coaching session she sent this testimonial through

“It’s a kind of magic!
Julia is a lovely warm person who immediately puts you at ease. We just chatted over the phone (FaceTime) and she showed me that I’d been squashing down my achievements and devaluing them. Once I took this on board and took a new look at myself it was like a switch had been thrown. I have a new found courage that is incredibly empowering. It sounds a bit of a cliche, but this really has changed my life.” SHK, May 2019